"Vortice Argentina: Project History"

Published by Vortice Argentina Ediciones

July 2018 . 120 pages

Full color, with more than 200 photos of works and artists

Edition in Spanish

Narration by Fernando García Delgado







This first edition have 5 originals works:

In retirement of cover, work of Laura Andreoni;

In page 1, artistamps of FGD and rubberstamp of Ivana Vollaro;

In page 82, artistamp “Mail Art Day”;

In back cover withdrawal, work of Norberto José Martínez.




In retirement of cover,

work of Laura Andreoni


In back cover withdrawal,

work of Norberto José Martínez


In page 1, artistamps of FGD and rubberstamp of Ivana Vollaro





Fernando García Delgado has created more than twenty years ago the project known as Vortice Argentina, label that shelters the exceptional existence of an archive of almost 25,000 poetic, plastic, objectual and scriptural works of local and international artists, which have been acquired throughout the various calls, projects and exhibitions launched and carried out from 1996 to date.

This extraordinary reservoir, unique in its kind in the country and with very few antecedents and similarities in the world, is formed by graphic pieces of the most diverse nature, objects, publications, stamps, envelopes intervened, artist's books, letters, manuscripts and multimedia works on CDs and VHS in two disciplines as categorical as unusual: Mail Art and Visual Poetry.

The vocation, commitment and talent of García Delgado, placed in the support and consolidation of such an important project for the collection, protection, and conservation of a unique heritage, are even more meritorious because they take place in a context where the physical preservation of Artistic memory does not seem to be a priority concern, beyond sporadic public and private efforts.

Today, García Delgado is committed to the task of editing this book to mark the 20 years of Vortice Argentina (1996-2016) which will be a compilation of the archive and at the same time a tribute to many names of the artistic community who collaborated so much and so disinterestedly. The book brings together part of the history of Vortice Argentina, its activities and calls; the history of the exhibition space attached to the project, Barraca Vorticista, with all the activities and exhibitions held; accompanied by texts, photographs and detailed documentation; Texts of some artists who participated in the project are also published.

I firmly believe that the appearance of this volume, a true historical document, is the perfect culmination for a labor of years, so meticulous and arduous, and the just measure of the cultural and artistic interest that undoubtedly exhibits this endeavor. The book will also become a powerful tool for study, experimentation and consultation for current and future generations of researchers and artists.

Eduardo Stupia












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