Ivan Preissler


En recuerdo a nuestro amigo y colega...

In memory of our friend and colleague...

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Original e-mail message from: KEN MILLER

Sent on Monday, July 15, 2002 4:24 PM



Hello, Sorry to send everyone sad news, but the other day I got a note from Ivan Preissler's mother informing me that Ivan had died suddenly in April of a serious illness. He lived with his mother, so if you which to send condolences, her address is:

Eva Preisslerova: Elisky Premyslovny 382 - 156 00 Praha 5 - Zbraslav - Czech Republic

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested...


Ivan was born in Czechoslovakia on April 28, 1953. He attended school in Prague (Language School), Madrid (Academia Sotto-Messa, Oil Painting) and New York (Artists Group of Neoismus / The Rivington School). He started participating in mail art in the early 1980s, participating in scores of projects and exhibitions, collaborating with mail artists around the world. He belonged to many artists groups, including Cyanobacteria International, The Independent Czechoslovak Cultural Center, Horus, and Cactus Network. He also participated in Minisalon, a collection of works in boxes by Czech artists, which travelled across the United States.


algunas de sus obras enviadas a Ken Miller

some of his works sent to Ken Miller


SOME WORDS . by Ken Miller

"I first exchanged mail art with Ivan back in 1994, and he was one of my earliest  mail art contacts. He was innovative, always trying something new with xerox, collage, ink, and watercolor. I finally had the chance to meet Ivan in 2000 when Mary and I visited Prague. His rudimentary English skills and the complex, abstract concepts he liked to talk about made understanding him a bit difficult for us, but he was brilliant and interesting and had a wonderful sense of humor. We will certainly miss him very much."


picture of Ivan and me from 2000. Ivan is on the left.

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HOMAGE & WORKS . by Anna Boschi