Joris Meltzer


En recuerdo a nuestro amigo y colega...

In memory of our friend and colleague...

( 1935 / September 21, 2004 )

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From: Jenny de Groot

Received: Saturday, September 25, 2004 12:51 PM

Hello, on september 21st Joris Meltzer, Dutch mailartist and train-lover, died of lung-cancer. I met Joris in the 1980's and came to know him as a very gentle, modest, creative person. Through the years he sent me many of his wonderful postcards: collages, text, one-liners, photo's. He was a beautiful person, modest, even shy, and very creative. He loved flowers and trains.

“Tell them all I loved them so much”. Joris

I will attach some of his work for you. Best wishes, Jenny de Groot.


Message by Ruud Janssen (Holland) . May 31, 2004 / 16:14

Joris has produced over 2880 postcards over the decades and I have met him in 1985 in Amsterdam, 1992 at the DNC in Antwerpen and Den Haag; he always surprised me with his beautiful cards that he sent to my P.O. Box. On his last cards he also states that the receiver should realize that the series of cards soon will be ended.


Image that contains a recent work by Joris Meltzer. It is actually a part of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive,

of which Ruud Janssen are preparing an exhibition for the L-gallery in the center of Moscow. He will use his

latest stamps in the final documentation of this exhibition (the catalogue) to remember him.



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Ceremony will be on monday, september 27, 10.30 at Vrijburg (Remonstrant church), Diepenbrockstraat 46, Amsterdam.

Joris will be buried at Zorgvlied cemetary, Amsteldijk 273 in Amsterdam

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"After all those stamps with kings and statesmen on

them, there finally, finally is a stamp with 'I' on it".

Joris Meltzer