Patricia Tavenner /MAIL QUEEN


En recuerdo a nuestra amiga y colega...

In memory of our friend and colleague...

(March 22, 1935 / May 10, 2013)

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“Mail Art is anything that comes through the mail and is named by the sender as art. It is the most democratic of art movements. Anyone can do it, anyone can become involved, and every product is considered creative.”

Patricia Tavenner




Patricia Tavenner (USA) died on May 10th 2013. She was active in mail-art right from the start. Ruud Janssen created a group at the IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) platform to celebrate memories and details. To celebrate her life as the family calls it. Patricia Tavenner @ iuoma-network  //  video-interview


Her long reign as a contributor to and curator within the global network of mail art and artists’ stamps. The Oakland-based artist adopted this nom de plume around the time that she began teaching courses on the “hidden” history of women artists. In 1972 she cofounded the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art and participated in a number of museum protests along with fellow feminist activists like Jo Hanson (one of the postcard recipients below). Associated with Bay Area Dada, a number of whom are pictured below, Tavenner self-published the newspaper Mail Order Art (1971–72) and artists’ books under the Eternal Press.



Patricia Tavenner; postcard sent to "Mail Art Day" project / Vortice Argentina, November 2000  (front / back)


Patricia Tavenner, 1973, postcard;

sent to Jo Hanson

Patricia Tavenner, DECCA DANCE AFTER IMAGE, 1974;

postcard; pictured: Irene Dogmatic, Opal L. Nations,

Dr. Brute, Pat Tavenner, Rick Ross


Patricia Tavenner, two holiday postcards, 1974 and 1977



Excerpt of a comment by Ginny Lloyd

on May 12, 2013 at 4:20pm:

The nicest perforator she's seen is a small Italian one at the offices of Artpool Archives in Budapest. Patricia traveled there twice by invitation to lecture about artistamps. In 2007, The Budapest International Artistamp Show was set up in Budapest's Museum of Fine Arts library. Four sheets of Patricia's 1993 commemorative artistamps were included in the exhibition catalogue. She notes that György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay's Artpool Archives are world-renowned and they've a huge collection of artistamps and Eastern European mail art. Patricia describes a vivid memory of that show, "...emerging from the depths of the subway and seeing the entire Fine Arts Museum building plastered with giant artistamps banners!"

Patricia Tavenner, 1975 card



Patricia Tavenner; work sent to Vortice Argentina,

March 28, 1999

Patricia Tavenner; work to "Artistyamps Exhibition"

project by Vortice Argentina, August 16, 1998