4th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry

Espacio Giesso  -  26 . October . 2001  -  Buenos Aires






We would like to present the fourth edition of the International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry, organized by VORTICE ARGENTINA. Due to the extensive response of artists to our invitation, it has been necessary to change the location of our presentations, abandoning the small and romantic Barraca Vorticista, in order to continue the activities of the meeting in the Espacio Giesso. Thus the traditional works on paper are being accompanied by an impressive display of video, CDs with interactive works, images and audios, and performance projects. We need to pause here to underline the orientation of the works, which, in a broad spreading of possibilities, includes work with drawings, collages, engravings, copy-art, and electronic graphics on paper, and also, works in what could be called Technopoetry. This project is pointing out to us a major development in visual poetry among the artists who replied with their works related to the poem «Un Coup des Des» by Mallarme, written over 100 years ago. In a way these new works repeat Mallarme’s idea when he said that the presence of new means of graphic printing at the end of the 19th century had affected him to such an extent that he decided to change his poetic esthetics as a result of that perception of his surrounding reality.

Today, in a world that’s permanently informed, and in which, as Jeremy Rifkin says, we are going around in 24/7 time, the artists who participate in this congress are showing the influence of that reality, not only in their works but in the ways in which they send them and in which we have received them.

In the field of visual poetry there are many who at one time would have been described as being a part of tendencies. But today it is impossible to make this classification. Thus the bounderies have disappeared due to the intersections of the technologies used and when we say that works were received, it is most likely that it happened electronically and that it was then printed on a printer in a gush of ink, and in order to enlarge it a photocopier was used and thus we could continue interchanging technologies in order to get those materials to the spectator. As a result of this loss of boundaries and of permanent dialogue between languages, the esthetics of visual poetry is being changed profoundly, and these changes will surely form a part of the history of artistic production. As did futurists, surrealists, Brasilian and German concrete poets, Fluxus, and, to mention him as often as possible, the Argentine artists Edgardo Antonio Vigo: all important steps on the road of Visual Poetry.

Fernando García Delgado Ivana Martínez Vollaro Juan Carlos Romero

Buenos Aires, October 2001




Photos of the Meeting


Graphic works

Poetic objects

Poetic objects

Video-Poetry & Multimedia

Video-Poetry & Multimedia

Theoretical work by Paz María Aburto (Chile)

Osvaldo Giesso & Juliano Borobio

Poetic action by Alejandra Bocquel & Carina Ferrari

Poetic action by Norberto José Martínez

Poetic action by Roberto Cignoni

Performance by Cecilia Nazar

Performance by Cecilia Nazar

Performance by Javier Sobrino & Guillermo Feivovich

Performance by Eliana Lardone




Artists Participants












Álvarez, Esteban (Argentina)

Andreetti, Carolina (Argentina)

Bocquel, Alejandra (Argentina)

Borobio, Juliano (Argentina)

Cignoni, Roberto (Argentina)

Doctorovich, Fabio (Argentina)

Feivovich, Guillermo (Argentina)

Escobar, Lilian (Argentina)

Ferrari, Carina (Argentina)

Gerolimetti, Lucía (Argentina)

Lardone, Eliana (Argentina)

Melito, Guilmar (Argentina)

Nazar, Cecilia (Argentina)

Sobrino, Javier Ildefonso (Argentina)





Aitchison, Martha (England)

Albá, Miguel (Uruguay)

Alfaya, Ricardo (Brazil)

Almandrade (Brazil)

Álvarez, Guadalupe (Argentina)

Antonio, Jorge Luiz (Brazil)

Araujo, Avelino de (Brazil)

Bellini, Lancillotto (Italy)

Beltrán, José Carlos (Spain)

Benitez, Alicia (Argentina)

Bennett, John M. (U. S. A.)

Berenguer, Cynthia (Argentina)

Blanco, Viviana Judith (Argentina)

Boschi, Anna (Italy)

Braier, Claudio (Argentina)

Cador, Amir Brito (Brazil)

Cárdenas, Andrea (Argentina)

Chiarlone, Bruno (Italy)

Cohen, Joel (U. S. A.)

De Souza, Dario (Brazil)

Delgado, Olga (Spain)

Doctorovich, Fabio (Argentina)

Doret, Michel R. (U. S. A.)

Drangosch, María Inés (Argentina)

Escobar Lehmann, Manuel (Belgium)

Ferraro, Liliana (Argentina)

Fontana, Alejandro (Argentina)

Frega, Muriel (Argentina)

Gagnon, Jean-Claude (Canada)

Garcés Conley, Mónica (Ecuador)

Gavinoser, Kelly (Argentina)

Giaccarini, Mabel (Argentina)

Gil, Alicia (Argentina)

Gil, Lois (Spain)

Gioia, Fernando (Argentina)

Glass, Jesse (Japan)

Gómez Gavinoser, Ileana (Argentina)

González, Beatriz (Argentina)

Groh, Klaus (Germany)

Hernández, Augusto (Spain)

Kister, Vanessa (Brazil)

Krarup, Helge (Denmark)

Larrain, Ramiro (Argentina)

Levy, Adrián (Argentina)

Loeb, Lex (U. S. A.)

Lu, Wendy (Canada)

Lucas, Constança (Brazil)

Martínez, Laura R. (Argentina)

Martínez, Norberto José (Argentina)

Mendonça, Julio (Brazil)

Mesquita, Samir (Brazil)

Mir, Mónica (Argentina)

Mizzi, Denis (Australia)

Monczar, Kelly (Argentina)

Morandi, Emilio & Franca (Italy)

Morris, Roger (New Zealand)

Nakamura, Keiichi (Japan)

Ossorno, Mariano H. (Spain)

Padín, Clemente (Uruguay)

Paz, Hilda (Argentina)

Pereira, Omar (Brazil)

Pinto, Regina Célia (Brazil)

Pontes, Hugo (Brazil)

Restrepo, Tulio (Colombia)

Ribas Marinho, Dórian (Brazil)

Riccetti, Giuseppe (Italy)

Robledo, Javier (Argentina)

Sagarra Fitó, Montserrat (Spain)

Salas, Patricia (Argentina)

Salvador, Nieves (Spain)

Schranzer, Kurt (Australia)

Shad, Reine (France)

SNAK-Y (Italy)

Spence, Pete (Australia)

Spivak, Laura (Argentina)

Strada, Giovanni & Renata (Italy)

Szulc, Rose Marie (Australia)

Weiss, Irving (U. S. A.)





«La Corporalización del signo (Est-ético): Brasil,

Argentina y Chile» Paz Aburto, Fanny Cavieres

and Loreto Cantillana (Chile)



ð MULTIMEDIA (CDRom/Digital)


Almeida y Sousa (Portugal)

Antonio, Jorge Luiz (Brazil)

Afamado, Gladys (Uruguay)

Agricola de Cologne, Wilfried (Germany)

Azevedo, Wilton Luiz (Brazil)

Daniels, David (U. S. A.)

De Broussais, María Fernanda (Argentina)

De Santo, Edgar (Argentina)

Doctorovich, Fabio (Argentina)

Dyens, Ollivier (Canada)

Eves, Bruce (Canada)

Facorro, Lorenzo (Argentina)

Gache, Belén (Argentina)

Györi, Ladislao Pablo (Argentina)

Milton (Argentina)

Moore, Charles R. (U. S. A.)

Pinto, Regina Célia (Brazil)

Puebla, Andrés (Argentina)

Reznik, Madó (Argentina)

Sánchez Xenon, Alfonso (Spain)

Sasiambarrena, Gabriel (Argentina)

Strano, Fernando (Argentina)

Uribe, Ana María (Argentina)

Venera, Alexandre (Brazil)

Ventura, Luisa (Argentina)

Wood, Reid (U. S. A.)

Zanni, José (Argentina)

Zerbarini, Marina (Argentina)

Zervos, Komninos C. (Australia)





Aburto, Paz María (Chile)

Alonso, Gabriela (Argentina)

Andreoni, Laura (Argentina)

Bianchi, Cristobal (Chile)

Cavieres Silva, Fanny (Chile)

Grupo Costuras Urbanas (Argentina)

Daghero, Gillermo (Argentina)

De Broussais, María Fernanda (Argentina)

Fazzolari, Fernando (Argentina)

Ferraresi, Paula (Argentina)

Ferrari, León (Argentina)

García Delgado, Fernando (Argentina)

Granieri, Karina (Argentina)

Larrain, Ximena (Argentina)

Martínez, Maribel (Argentina)
Martínez Vollaro, Ivana (Argentina)

May, Dolores (Argentina)

Menghi, Nora (Argentina)

Owens, Mark (U. S. A.)

Pica, Amalia (Argentina)

Romero, Juan Carlos (Argentina)

Sánchez Goldar, María Soledad (Argentina)

Sánchez Goldar, María Celeste (Argentina)

Schaikis, Mónica (Argentina)

Valverde, Franklin (Brazil)

Villarino, Roxana (Argentina)





Beltrán, José Carlos (Spain)

Bennett, John M. (U. S. A.)

Cador, Amir Brito (Brazil)

De Cullá, Daniel (Spain)

Delgado, Olga (Spain)

Fierens, Luc (Belgium)

Fontana, Alejandro (Argentina)

Gribnicow, Yanine (Argentina)

Guzzetti Canale, María Marta (Italy)

Lobato, Graciela (Argentina)

McInnis, Liegh (U. S. A.)

Mizzi, Denis (Australia)

Nakamura, Keiichi (Japan)

Orihuela, Antonio (Spain)

Orozco Ocaña, Juan (Spain)

Paz, Hilda (Argentina)

Ponce, Nora (Argentina)

Sonnenfeld, Mark (U. S. A.)

Stjernman, Neringa (Sweede)





Ares, Marta (Argentina)

Bustelo, Mariana (Argentina)

Cano, Luis (Argentina)

Capasso, Ariadna (U. S. A.)

Ciampini, Graciela Mónica (Argentina)

Coffey, Sebastián (Argentina)

Ferrando, Bartolomé (Spain)

Fontana, Alejandro (Argentina)

Kearney, Lucchi (Argentina)

Mallol, Anahí (Argentina)

Morandi, Emilio & Franca (Italy)

Nymfiadi, Maria (Greece)

Paredes, Francisco (Argentina)

Pérez, Victoria Del Carmen (U. S. A.)

Summers, Dennis (U. S. A.)












to Osvaldo Giesso, for the Espacio Giesso Reich

to Javier Areal Velez, for operating the electronics equipments

to Andrea Cárdenas, for the show case

to Omar y Edgardo Monteagudo, for documentation on video

to Daniel «Chino» González, for photographic documentation

to Lucía Gerolimetti y Florencia Di Benedetto, for printing T-shirts

to John M. Bennet (USA), Cecilia Nazar y Víctor F. Sitá, for translations

and to all the friends that made possible printing the catalog





October 26th, 2001, 19 hs.

Espacio Giesso

Cochambamba 360, Buenos Aires




Committee on Organization


Bacacay 3103, Buenos Aires C1406GEE, Argentina



Coordination by Fernando García Delgado

Ivana Martínez Vollaro and Juan Carlos Romero




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