5th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry

Centro Cultural Recoleta  -  26 . September . 2002  -  Buenos Aires






By the Committee on Organization

Buenos Aires, September 2002


For three years (1998,1999 and 2000), all visual poetry meetings took place at the Barraca Vorticista, summoning not less than 50 people interested in this kind of Fine Arts, which had originally begun in La Plata in 1967 with the Zero Diagonal Movement (Movimiento Diagonal Cero) with artists Edgardo A. Vigo, Luis Pazos, Carlos Ginzburg and Jorge de Lujan Gutiérrez.

Last year, the 4th meeting took place at the Espacio Giesso during one single day, and there we realized more and more people were getting interested in visual poetry. This year's event at the Centro Cultural Recoleta we had even more people coming, and eventually it lasted for a whole week.

We got so surprised to receive so many artworks sent by Argentinian artists (paper, objects, videos, multimedia and performing projects) that we realized visual poetry is alive and kicking, thus enriching the heritage of the pioneering artists, about 30 years ago.

Artists from all over the world sent their works building on a tradition in visual poetry that produces publications, performances, meetings and seminars non-stop, adding new technologies like tools, eventually improving their working techniques and promotion.

Visual poetry has come a long way. Apart from Mallarme and the "words of freedom", dating from not less than a century ago, other expressions have surfaced, producing an universe of hybrid works where the limits of the most traditional expressive ways (prints, texts and performances) have lost their original concept to become other works, still difficult to sort, maybe because they just don't need to be classified.

This hybridism process was going on gradually since the '60s, adding new ways of printing (fast offset and xerography), as well as sound and vision methods (magnetophone and video).

Last, with computers and digitalization, both in sound and vision registers, artists began working with no limits, eventually introducing works currently creating a true revolution in visual poetry.

This represents a breaking-point towards the first speeches, but also a continuance, indeed a great contradiction.

Visual poetry will live on only if it keeps on denying itself, and today, like a rising spiral, it will still be in the same place as yesterday, but a little higher.


Today in Argentina

We can't stop referring to what's happening to us Argentinians who have been fooled in good faith, and in the way we live.

Members of the government, judges, bankers and corrupt businessmen have led us to a situation almost unknown in our country, which makes us being forced  to work really hard in order to produce our works, and also to send it by mail, or other assorted media.

We organizers of this meeting salute all partcipating artists that have printed and sent their works, later to conduct their performances.

Undoubtedly every artist has decided to keep on struggling; we call it a "struggle", as we consider artistic practice "a kind of struggle" for a better lifestyle, and a bigger freedom to express ourselves.

So we say, quoting those anti-globalization demonstrators from Seattle, a few years ago, that RESISTING MEANS EXISTING.




Photos of the Meeting


centro cultural recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

graphics & objects

centro cultural recoleta, room 17, 1st floor

Spanish Visual Poetry

performances & actions

work by Lorraine Green

objects and



videos & multimedia

Grupo Escombros; presentation by Luis Pazos

of "pizza de poesía concreta"

FGD, Juan Carlos Romero, Luis Pazos and Ivana Vollaro

Ivana Vollaro and FGD with work of Lenora de Barros






The Poetry seen on Spain

José-Carlos Beltrán . [Spain]

My Visual Poetry

John M. Bennett . [EE.UU.]

Notes by Artists

Joao Bandeira . [Brazil]

Lenora de Barros . [Brazil]

Onophon . [Austria]






Works by 162 artists from 15 countries on


. Graphic .

. Objects .

. Artist Books .

. Publications .

. Multimedia .

. Video Poetry .

. Performances .

. Poetic Actions .

. Sound Poetry .


Special focus on

. Contemporary Spanish Visual Poetry .




Artists Participants


G=graphic | O=object | LA=artist book | CD=multimedia

V=video-poetry | PE=performance | PU=publication



Last Name, Name

City, Province



Abeijón, María José Rada Tilly, Chubut CD
Abigador, Alejandra Buenos Aires O
Abraham, Jaquelina La Plata, Bs. As. O
Aldaburu, Ana Buenos Aires G
Andreetti, Carolina Buenos Aires PE
Andreoni, Laura Buenos Aires O
Arturo, Mercedes PE
Berenguer, Cynthia Olivos, Bs. As. G / O
Bertero, Jorge Rojas, Bs. As. O
Bertol, Adrián Buenos Aires CD
Bocquel, Alejandra Haedo, Bs. As. PE
Cagliano, Hernán Monte Grande, Bs. As. O
Cárdenas, Andrea Buenos Aires O
Carrizo, Fernanda Buenos Aires O
Casado, Julieta PE
Castro, Edgardo PE
Casullo, Liza PE
Ceci, Juliana Buenos Aires CD
Chamorro, María Angélica Buenos Aires G
Ciampini, Graciela Quilmes, Bs. As. PE
Cianfagna, Graciela Junín, Bs. As. O
Cignoni, Roberto Bandfield, Bs. As. PE
Clémen, Lucrecia Buenos Aires O
Coffey, Sebastián Lanús, Bs. As. CD
Crosetti, Silvina Buenos Aires CD
D'Alessandro, Anabela Buenos Aires G
Danziger, Danilo  Buenos Aires G
De Gracia, Silvio Junín, Bs. As. O
Duro, María Cristina Buenos Aires O
Escobar, Lilian Bandfield, Bs. As. PE
Espeche, Ximena Buenos Aires PE
Espina, Tomás Buenos Aires V
Farfán, Rosa Ligia Buenos Aires PU
Farias, Karina Buenos Aires O
Fariña, Lorena  PE
Fazzolari, Fernando  Buenos Aires G
Felli, Pablo Buenos Aires V
Ferraresi, Paula Avellaneda, Bs. As. PE
Ferrari, Carina Buenos Aires PE
Ferrari, León  Buenos Aires G
Frega, Muriel  Buenos Aires CD
Funes, María Luján Buenos Aires G
Gache, Belén Buenos Aires CD
Gamberale, Paola PE
Garavelli, Andrés Quilmes, Bs. As. O
García Delgado, Fernando / VORTICE Buenos Aires G
Gerolimetti, Lucía Buenos Aires G / PE
Gil, Alicia Buenos Aires G
Gómez, Verónica Caseros, Bs. As. G
Granieri, Karina Buenos Aires O
Green, Lorraine Buenos Aires PE
Grupo Escombros La Plata, Bs. As. Pu
Guerreiro, María Florida, Bs. As. G
Guzmán, Loreto Garin Buenos Aires O
Guzmán Podestá, Fabio Buenos Aires V
Györi, Ladislao Pablo Buenos Aires CD
Homs, Darío Rosario, Santa Fé G
Jalil Buenos Aires G
Lima, Juan Manuel  Buenos Aires G
Mantegazza, Mónica Córdoba, Córdoba Pu
Martin, Graciela Buenos Aires G
Martínez, Maribel Ensenada, Bs. As. O
Martínez, Norberto José / AMNESIA Paso del Rey, Bs. As. G / PE
Martínez Vollaro, Ivana Buenos Aires O
Masoero, Hugo Rosario, Santa Fé Pu
Mateo, Nicolás Buenos Aires PE
May, Dolores San Isidro, Bs. As. O
Menghi, Nora Moreno, Bs. As. G
Mensch, Julia O
Meyer, Janine San Isidro, Bs. As. G
Morales, Paola Evelyn Buenos Aires O
Nazar, Cecilia Buenos Aires PE
Noya, Ana Dolores Martínez, Bs. As. G
Omar Villa Martelli, Bs. As. O
Orta, Verónica Rosario, Santa Fé G
Otegui, Paula Buenos Aires G / O
Pagano, Magdalena Buenos Aires O
Paksa, Margarita Buenos Aires G
Pastorino, Aime San Martín, Bs. As. PU
Paz, Hilda  Bernal, Bs. As. G
Perata, Mariana   Platanos, Bs. As. G
Perl, Silvana PU
Piñero, Félix Marcelo Córdoba, Córdoba PU
Rial, Mónica Buenos Aires CD
Robledo, Javier / BARDO Vicente López, Bs. As. O / PE
Romero, Juan Carlos  Buenos Aires G
Roncarolo, Margarita Buenos Aires PE
Salas, Patricia Béccar, Bs. As. G
Sales, Malisa Florida, Bs. As. G
Salvatierra, Natalia Florida, Bs. As. G
Scheines, Roberto Buenos Aires G
Semino, Daniela Buenos Aires PE
Sita, Víctor F. / INFRAFINO Buenos Aires G
Sobrino, Javier Ildefonso Buenos Aires PE
Steinwasser, Marga Olivos, Bs. As. G
Suárez, Ana Villa Martelli, Bs. As. O
Taibo, César PE
Tiseira, Leopoldo / POLO Buenos Aires O
Tosello, María Elena Santa Fé, Santa Fé CD
Trincheri, Miranda PE
Ventura, Luisa Córdoba, Córdoba CD
Villarino, Roxana Buenos Aires PE
Yeannoteguy, Gabriel Buenos Aires PE
Zukerfeld, Federico Buenos Aires PU


Deutner, Rainer / ONOPHON Wien V / CD
Nowacek, Werner / ONOPHON Wien V / CD
Piringer, Jörg Wien V


Fierens, Luc Weerde PU
Tjader-Knight BXL 1 CD

BRAZIL . [8]

Antunes, Arnaldo San Pablo, SP G
Bacedônio, Paulo Porto Alegre, RS PU
Bandeira, Joao San Pablo, SP G
Costa Filho, Pedro Vieira Natal, RN G
De Barros, Lenora San Pablo, SP G
Luiz dos Santos, Alckmar Florianopolis, SC CD
Monteiro de Almeida, Sérgio  Curitiba, PR G
Prado, Gilbertto San Pablo, SP CD

CHINA . [1]

Wan On Ni, Annie Mei Foo, Kowloon, Hong Kong V

FRANCE . [2]

Leton, Xavier Marsella CD
Makowski, Xavier / AMSTERDAM EDITIONS Sainte-Cécile-les-vignes O / CD


Agricola de Cologne, Wilfried Cologne CD
Ebel, Gerhild Halle / Saale G
Golchert, Rainer Dieburg G
Groh, Klaus Edewecht - Klein Scharrel G


Székely, Ákos / LEOPOLD BLOOM Szombathely G

ITALY . [2]

Focardi, Franco Rignano s/Arno, Firenze G

JAPAN . [2]

Glass, Jesse Urayasu-shi, Chiba-ken G
Nakamura, Keiichi Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo G


Perata, Mariana By St. Andrews G

SPAIN . [15]

Aliseda, Fransisco Bilbao G
Beltrán, José Carlos / PHAYUM Benicarló, Castellón G / PU
Bertini, Dante Barcelona PU
Calleja, J. M. Mataró G
Del Barco, Pablo Sevilla G
Delgado, Olga Barcelona G
Ferrando, Bartolomé La Eliana, Valencia G / V
Gil, Lois / CORPORACION SEMIOTICA GALEGA Pontecesures, Pontevedra G
Gómez, Antonio Mérida, Badajoz G
Kemp, Jonathan Barcelona V
López de Ael, Juan / GALERIA ITINERANTE Vitoria Gasteiz G
Orozco Ocaña, Juan / JOROS Montellano, Sevilla G
Reglero, César / BOEK 861 Tarragona G
Salvador, Nieves Benicarló, Castellón G
Tartarugo Vigo G

SWEDEN . [3]

Falk, Aron Fleming Malmö V
Sandin, Gunnar Malmö G
Siluchi, Héctor Zamora Solna, Estocolmo G


Bennett, John M. / LUNA BISONTE PRODS. Columbus G / PU
Buck, Dan Armour G
Burroughs, Xtine Studio City V
Daniels, David Berkeley, California G / PU
Helmes, Scott Minneapolis G
Kusina, Jean Fremont G
Owens, Mark Portland G
Rutkoff, Rebekah Brooklyn, New York V
Wood, Reid / STATE OF BEING Oberlin G
Wylde, Nanette Redwood City, California CD
Zellen, Jody Santa Monica, California PU


Albá, Miguel Montevideo G / V
Arcos, Andrés Montevideo G / V
Padín, Clemente Montevideo G




See the Program of Activities





September 26, 19 hs.

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Junín 1930, Buenos Aires

room 14  -  1st floor

[ until October 6, 2002 ]




Committee on Organization


coordination by Fernando García Delgado,

Ivana Martínez Vollaro and Juan Carlos Romero




Supported by

Presidential Culture Secretary

Museums Head Office

Austrian Embassy

Spanish Embassy

Uruguayan Embassy

Brazilian Studies Foundation


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