6th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry

Centro Cultural Recoleta  -  26 . September . 2003  -  Buenos Aires


dedicated to experimental poet

Haroldo de Campos

( 1929 - 2003 )






By the Committee on Organization

A new way for an old poem


"In the poem-object poetry doesn't function exclusively as a bridge, but also as an explosive. Taken away from its context, objects deviate from their uses and meaning. They vary between what they are and what they have meant. They're no longer objects nor entirely signs. Then what they are? They are mute things that speak. To see them is to hear them. What do they say? They express riddles, enigmas. Suddenly those enigmas open up and, like a chrysalis and a butterfly, let instant revelations go".

Octavio Paz



A new version of the Visual Poetry Meeting begins, and we are facing a new change regarding the images sent by participants in comparison with previous works.

It's possibly necessary to get into this process to see the reasons that made this change happen. In order to do so, we should look back and see what was going on ever since artists decided to turn both letters and words into images.

Since early 20th century, considering what futuristic artists have done with their words of freedom till the present day many elements have been added.

Halfway through the century the artists who produced the Concrete Poetry start creating their own poems, when words turned into graphic images.

In this case lyrics still keep their original format with little sign variations, though in redundance and ambiguity they build up a very familiar artistic structure, which eventually became the Concrete Painting.

But from that moment until today lyrics interacted more and more with the semantics, linking the object from all its meanings: found object, trivial object and metaphoric object, in fact a rich catalog featuring the many ways the object becomes part of the visual poem, clearly shown in works exhibited all over the world, not forgetting the tool that helped to expand the assorted meanings of the contemporary visual poetry: the computer. The print had already helped works' production. The typographic printing, as well as offset and xerography helped the artists to multiply both the quality and the plastics' structure, let alone photography in the early 20th century.

Nowadays the production of objects is the largest ever. Discards will be finally recovered by artists and filled  with poetic meanings. Dreams, personal goals, the familiar saga, religious connotations and magic represnt only a few among the many subjects included in these object-poems.

In that junction made of lyrics, words and objects is where the poem-object is nowadays located.

There are some hurried people who insist on calling this "the aesthetics of the 21st century", but the century has just begun and so far we are currently enjoying the work collected in the last hundred fruitful years. Futurology isn't related to art, art is a living process and it's precisely because of its living character that it's able to go along the changes of society.


Video-poetry and multimedia works

We must also consider the participations enroled in poetical video and in the multimedia visual poetries.

Poetical video can be divided into two parts. The first part comprises the documentation of actions that took place in the past. Registered poetic actions may represent the artist's critical view on different sides of daily life turned into poetry as of actions carried on voluntarily.

Words take diverse forms that can be phonetic or graphic, always performed in public or private areas that would later become theatrical settings without any drama scripts.

Multimedia poetry is directly related to digital production, indeed a new way of expression.

We should meditate about the deep change that may come from now on and ask ourselves if the multimedia tools will provide plastic elements that will make  the production of works possible in the future almost exclusively.

This wouldn't be the first time for such a question if we took into account those who were affected by the first films of the Lumiere brothers.

As usual art has an infinite number of expressions and reproductions, with lots of assorted tools that sometimes superimpose, cancel or complement between each other.

The experience of visual poetry is such a creative form that complementation is always present.


Actions (performances) and artist books

These two ways of expression have gone along visual poetry from the beginning. We can only assure that  artists that perform poetry with their bodies, as well as those who publish artits books have incorporated a new technological range of images.

When Mallarme said that his poem "Un golpe de dados" represented his own enthusiasm that faced the signals that originated in the new city of the last days of the 19th century,  he was launching a new aesthetics: visual poetry.

New tools for production, reproduction, and fast ways of communication for the new artists guarantee a long way for visual poetry that has just begun and that lacks a date, place or way of knowing which direction it has taken, or when it's going to end.




Photos of the Meeting


Juan Carlos Romero & Fernando Garcia Delgado

committee on organization

. graphic .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 15, 1st floor

. view of the room .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. objects .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. objects .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. objects .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. objects .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. artist books & publications .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. artist books & publications .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor

. graphic & objects .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 14, 1st floor






1980: A decade of Argentine experimental poetry

Jorge Santiago Perednik . [Argentina]

Visual Poetry: from Joan Brossa to Iberoamerica

Claudia Delmar . [Argentina]

Haroldo de Campos (1929-2003)

Ivana Martínez Vollaro . [Argentina]




Works by 183 artists from 13 countries on


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. Objects .

. Artist Books .

. Publications .

. Multimedia .

. Video Poetry .

. Performances .

. Poetic Actions .

. Sound Poetry .




Artists Participants


G=graphic | O=object | LA=artist book | CD=multimedia

V=video-poetry | PE=performance | PU=publication



Second Name, First Name

City, Province Category


Abigador, Alejandra Buenos Aires O
Aguilar, Blanca Buenos Aires LA
Álvarez, Rodrigo Buenos Aires G
Amadio, Diego Buenos Aires O
Andreetti, Carolina Buenos Aires CD
Andreotti, María Rosa Buenos Aires O
Ares, Marta Buenos Aires PE
Arturo, Mercedes Buenos Aires PE
Baeza, Federico Buenos Aires V
Barragán, Rosana La Plata, Bs. As. O
Benemelis, Juan Felipe Córdoba LA
Bianco, Marcela Buenos Aires G
Brewda, Silvia  Buenos Aires G
Buffone, Xil Buenos Aires O
Cachada, Carlos Buenos Aires CD
Cagliano, Hernán Buenos Aires O
Cambariere, Juan Pablo Buenos Aires O
Candria, María Luján Buenos Aires O
Carballido, Jesús Córdoba LA
Cárdenas, Andrea Buenos Aires G
Carini, Patricia Buenos Aires CD
Chamorro, María Angélica Buenos Aires G
Christiansen, Mónica Buenos Aires O
Cignoni, Roberto Bandfield, Bs. As. PU
Cincioni, Violeta Olivos, Bs. As. O
Cohelo, Oliverio Buenos Aires G
Contreras, Claudia Buenos Aires O
Corda, Virginia Escobar, Bs. As. O
D'Alessandro, Anabela Buenos Aires O
Davis, Fernando / GRUPO (n) La Plata, Bs. As. V
De Broussais, María Fernanda Buenos Aires G / PE
Delfini, Pablo Buenos Aires CD
Delmar, Patricia Buenos Aires CONF
Di Rienzo, Zoe Buenos Aires PE
Doberti, María Paula Buenos Aires G
Duro, María Cristina Buenos Aires LA
Escobar, Lilian Bandfield, Bs. As. O
Espeche, Ximena Buenos Aires PE
Estévez, Carlos Buenos Aires PE
Eyzaguirre, Javiera Buenos Aires G
Farfán, Rosa Ligia Buenos Aires G
Fernández, Alejandro Buenos Aires PE
Fernández, Claudia Buenos Aires G
Fernández Sachaos, Susana Buenos Aires G
Ferraresi, Paula  Buenos Aires G / LA
Ferrari, León  Buenos Aires G
Forte, Cristian Buenos Aires G
Funes, María Luján Buenos Aires O
Gache, Belén Buenos Aires G
Gagliardi, Andrea Castelar, Bs. As. LA
Galluccio, María Buenos Aires CD
Garavaglia, Julieta Buenos Aires LA
García Delgado, Fernando Buenos Aires O
Gasquet, Santiago Javier Buenos Aires PE
Giaccarini, Mabel Avellaneda, Bs. As. G
Giménez, Fabián La Plata, Bs. As. G
Goldstein, Mónica Buenos Aires G
Gómez, Verónica Caseros, Bs. As. O
Gómez Gavinoser, Ileana Buenos Aires CD
Govi, Ana Buenos Aires G
Grandal, Manuela Vicente López, Bs. As. O
Green, Lorraine Buenos Aires G / PE
Greiner, Martha Rosario, Santa Fé PE
Grosso, Mirta del Carmen Buenos Aires LA
Grupo Escombros La Plata, Bs. As. O
Guangiroli, Solana Mar del Plata, Bs. As. LA
Guerreiro, María Florida, Bs. As. G
Guzmán, Loreto Garin Buenos Aires G
Györi, Ladislao Pablo Buenos Aires G
Instantes Gráficos Buenos Aires LA
Jiménez, Reynaldo Buenos Aires PU
Keshishian, Alicia Buenos Aires O
Lafuret Pereyra, Raúl . PE
López, Lúcas Buenos Aires PU
López, Mario Buenos Aires PU
Lucchese, Carlos Rosario, Santa Fé PE
Lukin, Liliana Buenos Aires LA
Macías, Viviana Buenos Aires O
Mahler, Melanie Buenos Aires O
Manuloop Buenos Aires PE
Martín, Graciela Buenos Aires G
Martínez, Maribel Ensenada, Bs. As. O
Martínez Vollaro, Ivana Buenos Aires G
Mastronardi, Axel Xavier Buenos Aires O
Mateo, Nicolás Buenos Aires PE
May, Dolores San Isidro, Bs. As. O
Méndez, Alberto Buenos Aires LA
Menghi, Nora  Moreno, Bs. As. G
Meyer, Janine San Isidro, Bs. As. G
Morado, Luis Buenos Aires G
Oberti, Daniel Horacio Rosario, Santa Fé O
Omar Villa Martelli, Bs. As. O
Otegui, Paula Buenos Aires G
Pavia, Adrian  Buenos Aires O
Paz, Hilda  Bernal, Bs. As. O
Perl, Silvana Buenos Aires O
Pezido, Carmen Buenos Aires CD
Piccinino, Ana Buenos Aires G
Pujol, Inti Mendoza PE
Ramírez, Beatriz Buenos Aires CD
Rao, María Buenos Aires G
Rey, Carla Saenz Peña, Bs. As. LA
Robledo, Javier Vicente López, Bs. As. O / V
Rocher, Carmen Buenos Aires G
Romano, Silvina Buenos Aires LA
Romero, Juan Carlos  Buenos Aires O
Ruchansky, Pablo Buenos Aires V
Salas, Patricia Béccar, Bs. As. G
Salcedo, Silvia Lucía Lanús Este, Bs. As. G
Salvatierra, Natalia Florida, Bs. As. O
Santocildes, Natalia Munro, Bs. As. O
Sarsale, Jorge Buenos Aires G
Scheines, Roberto Mario Buenos Aires G
Schneider, Ruth La Plata, Bs. As. O
Scumburdis, Melina Buenos Aires O
Semino, Daniela Buenos Aires PE
Serra, Oscar Buenos Aires O
Sita, Víctor F. Buenos Aires G / O
Slipchinsky, Sara Noemí Buenos Aires LA
Sobrino, Javier Ildefonso Buenos Aires V / PE
Solaas, Leonardo Buenos Aires CD
Steinwasser, Marga Olivos, Bs. As. G
Stella, Claudia Buenos Aires PE
Suárez, Ana Villa Martelli, Bs. As. O
Suárez, Nicolás Buenos Aires PE
Taibo, César Buenos Aires PE
Thornton, Alejandro Buenos Aires G
Tiseira, Leopoldo Buenos Aires G / PE
Trossolino, Marta Buenos Aires G
Villarino, Roxana Buenos Aires G / LA
Weil, Tiny Martínez, Bs. As. LA
Woodgate, Agustina Boulogne, Bs. As. G
Wright, Claudia Martínez, Bs. As. LA
Yeannoteguy, Gabriel Buenos Aires PE
Zerbarini, Marina Buenos Aires CD
Zukerfeld, Federico Buenos Aires O


Antunes, Arnaldo San Pablo, SP G
Araujo, Avelino de Natal, RN PU
Barros, Anna San Pablo, SP CD
Clémen, Carlos San Pablo, SP LA
Darmeli Araújo, María Porto Alegre LA
De Barros, Lenora San Pablo, SP G
Keppler, Roberto San Pablo, SP LA
Leão, Heloisa da Fonseca Morumbi, San Pablo CD
Lucas, Constança San Pablo, SP LA
Monteiro, Bruno Recife, PE G
Monteiro de Almeida, Sérgio  Curitiba, PR G
Ribas Marinho, Dórian Florianopolis, SC G


Pérez Cares, Antonio Providencia, Santiago G


Garcés Conley, Mónica Urdesa, Guayaquil O


Kamogawa, Hiroko Londres CD


Rinne, Cia Kyrkslätt LA
Törönen Ripatti, Kirsimaria E. St. Michel G


Chevalier, Geneviève   PU
Fajole, Florent   PU


Kirchoff, Martín Leonberg G


Boschi, Anna Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO) G
Davinio, Caterina Lecco (LC) PU
Strada, Giovanni Ravenna G


Gamboa Portilla, Greta México, D.F. V
Lemus Guerrero, Juan Ramos Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas LA


Beltrán, José Carlos Benicarló, Castellón PU
Ferrando, Bartolomé La Eliana, Valencia V / PU
Franco, Rodolfo Mérida G
Gil, Alicia Vigo, Pontevedra G
Rego Constela, Blanca Barcelona LA
Sánchez, Manuel Calvarro Huelva LA


Bennett, John M. Columbus, Ohio PU
Daniels, David Berkeley, California G
Flesher, Ryan M. Chicago CD
Ka’aloa, Christine New York V
Vassilakis, Nico Seattle CD
Wollensak, Andrea Mystic, Connecticut V


Afamado, Gladys Montevideo CD
Bravo, Luis Montevideo CD











Thursday, September 25, 19 Hs.

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Junín 1930, Buenos Aires City

rooms 14 and 15  -  1er floor

[ until October 19, 2003 ]




Committee on Organization


Bacacay 3103, Buenos Aires C1406GEE, Argentina



coordination by Laura Andreoni, Fernando García Delgado,

Ivana Martínez Vollaro, Juan Carlos Romero and Víctor F.Sitá




Supported by

Buenos Aires Culture Secretary

Museums Head Office

Cultural Centre of Recoleta

Spain Embassy - Cultural Office





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