7th International Meeting of Experimental, Sound and Visual Poetry

Centro Cultural Recoleta  -  23 . September . 2004  -  Buenos Aires


dedicated to experimental poet

Ana María Uribe

( 1944 - 2004 )







by Committee on Organization (Argentina)


Over the past few years, and from different places, we have referred to Simias de Rodas, the magical labyrinths and squares of the Middle Ages, Mallarmé’s Coup de Dés, Apollinaire’s Calligrames, the Futurists’ words-in-freedom, Schwitters’ sound poem; and from the mid 1900’s, to the Brazilians’ concrete poems, Letterism, the mathematical poems by Vigo and the whole array of artistic production of the past thirty years; the Cold War, the Cuban Revolution, the Vietnam war, the hippie movement, the Cultural Revolution in China, the Latin American guerrillas, May ‘68, and the bloody repression in Argentina with over 30,000 missing people behind, we arrive at post-modernity, the fall of the Berlin wall, and the triumph of neo-liberalism.

This mix-up of developments is just a tiny portion of the world cultural, social, and economic developments of the past hundred years. The continuum narrative format, and its absolute disorder is an attempt to depict the ways of doing artwork in the early 21st century.

We would say, after the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, that we are undergoing a liquid modernity, in reference to the impossibility of liquids to maintain their shape for a long time.  This state of liquid instability can also be related to the ongoing processes in art, and, consequently, in Visual Poetry too.

Suffice it to look at the works exhibited in this 7th Meeting to recognize that a distinctive door opened up that permits the addition of traditional practices, and provides the tools to explore and include new languages and technologies into Visual Poetry as a whole.

Today, artists appropriate practices that in times past operated in separate compartments and that, if ever mixed, became timid experiences incapable of resisting specialized experts’ criticism.

What we could call the third vanguard, or art of the third millennium, has detached itself of labels and fits with no ism but, no doubt, will additionally fit with all, as a whole. Neither is the phenomenon explained by a technological demand since each artist makes use of what comes within its reach with no canon whatsoever conditioning its practices.

Crossings, contradictions, hybridizations, collisions, simulations, appropriations, and symbiosis are,  among others, the traits of this contemporary practice. Videos, digital photographs, e-mails, fast prints, CDs, plotters, and whichever the market supplies daily will become tools to be appropriated by artists to invent new ways of seeing and looking at Visual Poetry.

Buenos Aires, September 2004.

* translated by María Rosa Andreotti




Photos of the Meeting


. opening .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 15, 1st floor

. opening .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 16, 1st floor

. works: Gustavo Vega (Spain) .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 16, 1st floor

. objects and artist books .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 15, 1st floor

. objects and artist books .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 15, 1st floor

. publications .

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 16, 1st floor

. performance: Alfredo Portillos (Argentina) .

"Centauros en marcha", tatoo live

. work: Juan Carlos Romero (Argentina) .

"El hombre sin atributos"

. work: Patricia Carini (Argentina).

Centro Cultural Recoleta, room 15, 1st floor

. publication: "La Grieta" (Argentina) .

Gabriela Pesclevi and Fabiana Di Luca

. publication: "El Surmenage de la Muerta" (Argentina) .

Fernando Fazzolari

. publication: "Plebella" (Argentina) .

Romina Freschi






The visual poem, between simultaneity and montage

Rodrigo Alonso . [Argentina]

Edgardo Antonio Vigo: The prestige of the doubt

María José Herrera . [Argentina]

What is visual poetry

Gustavo Vega . [Spain]

Constructing an experimental poetry of today

Maribel Martínez . [Argentina]

An interview with Ana María Uribe

Jorge Luiz Antonio . [Brazil]

Gustavo Vega, creation and theory of visual poems

Ana Alvarez  Grijalbo . [Spain]




Works of 175 artists from 17 countries on


. Graphic .

. Object .

. Artist Book .

. Publications .

. Multimedia .

. Video-Poetry .

. Performances .

. Sound Poetry .




Artists Participants



Surname, Name

City, Province


Autunno, Olga Buenos Aires Argentina
Amadío, Diego Buenos Aires Argentina
Barqui, María Florencia Buenos Aires Argentina
Benitez, Chino Buenos Aires Argentina
Bonder, Silvia Raquel Buenos Aires Argentina
Brewda, Silvia  Buenos Aires Argentina
Cárdenas, Andrea Buenos Aires Argentina
Chamorro, María Angélica Buenos Aires Argentina
Contreras, Claudia Buenos Aires Argentina
Delfini, Pablo Buenos Aires Argentina
Drangosch, María Inés Mar del Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Esterovich, Gabriela Buenos Aires Argentina
Fazzolari, Fernando Buenos Aires Argentina
Franzetti, Silvana Buenos Aires Argentina
Funes, María Luján Buenos Aires Argentina
Gábor, Clara Buenos Aires Argentina
Garavaglia, Julieta Buenos Aires Argentina
Giménez, Fabián La Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Golchert, Rainer Dieburg Germany
Groh, Klaus Edewecht - Klein Scharrel Germany
Grupo “Máquina de Fuego” Vicente López, Bs.As. Argentina
Guerreiro, María Florida, Bs.As. Argentina
Homs, Darío Buenos Aires Argentina
Jiménez Martínez, Carlos Azagra Spain
Kamperelic, Rora & Dobrica Beograd Yugoslavia
Lamberti, Helcla Roma Italy
Ljosaa, Margit Saenz Peña, Bs.As. Argentina
Lucas, Félix Buenos Aires Argentina
Lueza, Cecilia Miami U. S. A.
Macías, Viviana Buenos Aires Argentina
Magi, Jill Brooklyn U. S. A.
Mangifesta, Claudio Quilmes, Bs.As. Argentina
Marguerettaz, Daniel  Figline Valdarno Italy
Moroni, Sabrina Luciana Buenos Aires Argentina
Murciego, Pepe Madrid Spain
Nakamura, Keiichi Shinjuku-ku Japan
Neves, Guadalupe Buenos Aires Argentina
Orieta, Leticia Buenos Aires Argentina
Paolino, Florencia Loreta Buenos Aires Argentina
Rey, Carla Saenz Peña, Bs.As. Argentina
Romero, Juan Carlos  Buenos Aires Argentina
Salas, Patricia Béccar, Bs.As. Argentina
Scheines, Roberto Mario Buenos Aires Argentina
Schneider, Ruth La Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Stahmer, Annette Lünebueg Germany
Steinwasser, Marga Olivos, Bs.As. Argentina
Strada, Giovanni & Renata Ravenna Italy
Thornton, Alejandro Buenos Aires Argentina
Tomasini, Denis Grado Italy
Vega, Gustavo Barcelona Spain
Zepol, Horacio Buenos Aires Argentina


Surname, Name

City, Province


Álvarez, Rodrigo Buenos Aires Argentina
Benitez, Hugo Buenos Aires Argentina
Buffone, Xil Buenos Aires Argentina
Cagliano, Hernán Buenos Aires Argentina
Carballo, Elsa Buenos Aires Argentina
Christiansen, Mónica Buenos Aires Argentina
Farfán, Rosa Ligia Buenos Aires Argentina
Fernández Frank, Florencia Buenos Aires Argentina
Ferrari, León  Buenos Aires Argentina
Gache, Belén Buenos Aires Argentina
Galarza, Mariel Buenos Aires Argentina
García, Mónica Lanús, Bs.As. Argentina
Grandal, Manuela Acassuso, Bs.As. Argentina
Grupo “200 Hojas (y Posdatas)” Buenos Aires Argentina
Grupo “Faldas” Olivos, Bs.As. Argentina
Herrera, Andrea Buenos Aires Argentina
Ibirico Calalberche Spain
Ljosaa, Margit Saenz Peña, Bs.As. Argentina
Martínez, Maribel Ensenada, Bs.As. Argentina
Mastronardi, Axel Xavier Buenos Aires Argentina
Méndez, Alberto Buenos Aires Argentina
Mendoza, Nélida Taormina Italy
Oberti, Daniel Horacio Rosario, Santa Fe Argentina
Omar Villa Martelli, Bs.As. Argentina
Papadópoulos, Marina Buenos Aires Argentina
Paz, Hilda Bernal, Bs.As. Argentina
Perl, Silvana Buenos Aires Argentina
Petrovich, Sandra Bruselas Belgium
Rey, Carla Saenz Peña, Bs.As. Argentina
Robledo, Javier Vicente López, Bs.As. Argentina
Roddick, Ingrid Bariloche, Rio Negro Argentina
Salvatierra, Natalia Florida, Bs.As. Argentina
Santa Cecilia, María Florida, Bs.As. Argentina
Sarsale, Jorge Buenos Aires Argentina
Scumburdis, Melina Florida, Bs.As. Argentina
Signorelli, Federico José Buenos Aires Argentina
Slipchinsky, Sara Noemí Buenos Aires Argentina
Somaschini, Alejandro Buenos Aires Argentina
Suárez, Ana Villa Martelli, Bs.As. Argentina
Temporelli, Mabel Rosario, Santa Fe Argentina
Vallejo, Mónica San Miguel de Tucumán Argentina
Zamparolo, Valeria Marina Florida, Bs.As. Argentina
Zukerfeld, Federico Buenos Aires Argentina


Surname, Name

City, Province


Carini, Patricia Buenos Aires Argentina
Combis, Marina A. Buenos Aires Argentina
De Broussais, María Fernanda Buenos Aires Argentina
García Delgado, Fernando Buenos Aires Argentina
Gonçalves Fernández, María Flavia Florianópolis Brazil
Mahler, Melanie Olivos, Bs. As. Argentina
Sitá, Víctor F. Buenos Aires Argentina


Surname, Name

City, Province


Andreotti, María Rosa Buenos Aires Argentina
Bennett, John M. Columbus U. S. A.
Constant, Hervé Londres England
Crescimbeni, Florencia Buenos Aires Argentina
Cristin, Laura Bagnaria Arsa Italy
Daniels, David Berkeley U. S. A.
Doberti, María Paula Buenos Aires Argentina
Doctorovich, Fabio Buenos Aires Argentina
Franco, Rodolfo Mérida Spain
Grupo “Escombros” La Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
László, Hegedüs Székesfehérvár Hungary
Lucas, Constança San Pablo Brazil
Martínez, Norberto José Paso del Rey, Bs.As. Argentina
Pazos, Luis La Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Poggio, San La Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Thornton, Alejandro Buenos Aires Argentina
Valverde, Franklin San Pablo Brazil


Surname, Name

City, Province


Araújo, Ricardo Brasilia Brazil
Ares, Marta Buenos Aires Argentina
Byers, Kenneth Newcastle-Upon Tyne England
Casson, Bronwen Dublin Ireland
Daffunchio, Jorge Moreno, Bs.As. Argentina
Del Rey Jordá, Gema y Mónica Sagunt Spain
Di Rienzo, Zoe Buenos Aires Argentina
Ferrando, Bartolomé La Eliana Spain
Guinart, Adrià Barcelona Spain
Jeong-Eun, Lee Hamburgo Germany
László, Hegedüs Székesfehérvár Hungary
Loera, Alejandro Cuatitlan Izcalli Mexico
Martínez, Norberto José Paso del Rey, Bs.As. Argentina
Martínez Vollaro, Ivana Buenos Aires Argentina
Ricciardi, Michael Seattle U. S. A.
Robledo, Javier Vicente López, Bs.As. Argentina
Sobrino, Javier y Nazar, Cecilia  Buenos Aires Argentina


Surname, Name

City, Province


Andreetti, Carolina Buenos Aires Argentina
Barros, Anna San Pablo Brazil
Burgaud, Patrick-Henri Arnhem Holland
Cabrera Flores, Lucía Montevideo Uruguay
Cogliani, Solveig y Pozzovio, Daniele Ronciglione Italy
Constant, Hervé Londres England
Crosetti, Silvina Buenos Aires Argentina
Leão, Heloisa da Fonseca Morumbi Brazil
Lo Pinto, Marcelo Buenos Aires Argentina
Mendía, Ignacio Mar del Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Meneghetti, Renato Padova Italy
Paolini, Lorenza y Santini, Michele Monterado Italy
Rood, Charly Amsterdam Holland
Saldamando, Nilda Cerro Yungay, Valparaíso Chile
Sesta, M. Isabel Mar del Plata, Bs.As. Argentina
Vassilakis, Nico Seattle U. S. A.


Surname, Name

City, Province


Cincioni, Violeta Olivos, Bs.As. Argentina
Gasquet, Santiago Javier Buenos Aires Argentina
Grupo “Bígëibur” Buenos Aires Argentina
Grupo “Ofelia” Buenos Aires Argentina
Melero, Diego Buenos Aires Argentina
Miller, Jacqueline Buenos Aires Argentina
Notti, Gabriela Buenos Aires Argentina
Portillos, Alfredo y Nicolás Buenos Aires Argentina
Pujol, Inti Mendoza Argentina
Robledo, Javier Buenos Aires Argentina
Sobrino, Javier Ildefonso Buenos Aires Argentina





"Acido surtido"

D-Cabello, Lucás López & Marcos López


"El surmenage de la muerta"

Fernando Fazzolari


"La tzara"

Hilda Paz & Juan Carlos Romero



Romina Freschi



FGD & Juan Carlos Romero



Ademir Demarchi


"Imaginarios de ruptura"

Fernando Aguiar & Jorge Maximino



Uberto Stabile


"Poesía visual catalana"

J.M.Calleja & Xavier Canals


"Poesia visual de l´estat espanyol"

J.M.Calleja, Xavier Canals, Jordi Vallés


"Prólogo para un silencio"

Gustavo Vega


"Lost & found times"

John M. Bennett









Workshop of Visual Poetry . Gustavo Vega






September 23th, 19 Hs.

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Junín 1930, Buenos Aires City

rooms 15 and 16  -  1er floor

[ until October 17, 2004 ]




Committee on Organization


Bacacay 3103, Buenos Aires C1406GEE, Argentina



coordination by Laura Andreoni, Fernando García Delgado

Ivana Martínez Vollaro, Juan Carlos Romero and Víctor F. Sita




Supported by

Buenos Aires Culture Secretary

Museums Head Office

Cultural Centre of Recoleta

Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires